Friday 21 June 2013

We got there in the end!

Seems a long time ago now but around April 2012 Bowser and his brothers Otto, Bailey, Reg, and Sampson all went off to the Metropolitan Police aged 9 months from our puppy scheme. This was because our Initial Police dog course was cancelled while our dog section was being reviewed. A very disappointing time for all of our puppy walkers having worked so hard hoping to see them working in Devon and Cornwall.

Unfortunately Reg was quickly released by the Met as unsuitable due to aggression to their kennel staff.

Bowser, Otto, Bailey and Sampson were allocated to their handlers and began training. Otto, Bailey and Sampson all successfully passed their Initial Police dog course earlier this year and are now fully fledged Operational Police dogs in the Metropolitan Police.

Unfortunately Bowser was released back to our force 6 weeks into his course because of weak biting and a lack of confidence.

Knowing Bowser from 7 weeks we knew he was a confident dog with all the necessary qualities to be a Police dog. We placed him with Rob Kingdon one of our puppy walkers  to make a mate of him and help him to regain his confidence.

Rob did a great job and 2 months ago we re-assessed him. Bowser passed with flying colours and was allocated to PC Tom Bond a handler in Devon and Cornwall who needed a new dog. Yesterday after undergoing 8 weeks training with myself he was successfully licensed by PC Nick Dalrymple the National Police dog champion from Avon and Somerset Police force.

Pictured below is Police dog Bowser with his handler Tom Bond. 
Police dog Bowser with his handler Tom Bond
Pictured below is Louise Viney who puppy walked Bowser until he was 9 months, Rob Kingdon who puppy walked him on his return from the Met and Tom Bond his handler.

Tom Bond, police dog Browser, Louise Viney and Rob Kingdon

Author: Paul Glennon
Canine Development Officer.

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