Wednesday 12 June 2013

Training, Tuesday 11 June 2013 - Saundercroft Farm

A visit to Saundercroft farm to get the pups acquainted with various livestock such as horses, cattle, calves, goats, sheep,and chickens. The pups are now nearly 7 months.
Paul Glennon with Charlie meeting a horse in his stable. The horses head is down to meeting the dogs
Charlie meeting a horse
Paul Glennon and Murphy in a farm yard of chickens. Murphy watchs with interest
Murphy meeting the chickens and a very large rooster out of camera shoot
Buddy the German Shepherd looking at a field of sheep through a wooden fence. The sheep have come across to look at him.
Buddy meeting the sheep
The dogs were very confident and well behaved. Our thanks to Andi Darbey and her mother Jean for allowing us to be set loose on their farm.

Then off for a swim after a long hot day.
Dog swimming in a river on a sunny summers day
A swim to cool off.

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