Monday 17 June 2013

Training day Sunday 16 of June 2013. The class of September 2013 course

From left to right Shadow and litter mates Cody, Bear and Betty all aged 9 months. Subject to a successful  10 month assessment they  will be on our September 2013 Initial Police dog course. Also on that course will be brother and sister  Jack and Zeta aged 12 months who train on another day.
Jack and Zeta

Our latest arrival

Aged  just 10 days baby boy Marshall with his proud mum Pippa, dad Paul and trainee Police dog Shadow.

Below some photos of the training day.

Puppy walker Annie Miller tracking with Codi hot on the trail of an offender
Betty searching for articles
Bear closing in on his Quarry
Shadow ready to pounce

Shadow locating the fugitive in a building

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