Wednesday 12 June 2013

Training, Tuesday 11 June 2013 - Mannequin in a field?

The training session was for brothers  Murphy, Tyson, Buddy, and Charlie. Who are nearly 7 months of age. They are being prepared for their initial police dog course which commences in January 2014.                                                                                                

Also earmarked for this course from a different litter are brothers Max,  Jasper and sister Megan.  Jasper, Max and Megan  have been training on a different day will be joining the Murphy, Tyson, Buddy, and Charlie on future training days.

Unfortunately Tyson was unable to train today due to a sprained foot.

All the dogs did some excellent tracks and agility then it was on to see how they all reacted to seeing a strange and unusual object in the form of a mannequin placed  in the middle of the sports field. The pups were assessed individually at the end of their  agility session. They were not tasked or pushed towards the figure they were allowed to run free and their reaction noted on seeing the strange object.

Murphy the German Shepherd in a field jumping around the top half of a mannequin.
Murphy uncertain
Dog and trainer with top half of manniquin in the middle of a field
Murphy was a little startled but with some support eventually went over to see who this strange individual was.
Charlie was not at all concerned and bowled right up
Buddy standing in a field looking at the mannequin
Buddy took a long hard look before going over and investigated with suspicion

A variety of different reactions but none of the dogs were adversley affected and any initial caution was quickly overcome.

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