Wednesday 5 June 2013

Devon & Cornwall Police dog breeding programme

As a result of developing a strong working relationship with our breeders going back many years acquiring top quality German Shepherd pups for our force has not been a problem. However in recent years an increasing number of Police forces having seen the benefits of operating a puppy programme are now also looking for quality bred working pups.  Recognising that competition for  pups is likely to increase we have embarked on a small breeding programme of our own.

Approximately 2 years ago we acquired 3 top quality bitch puppies with a view to developing them as future brood bitches. They were then placed with puppy walkers who puppy walked them in the normal way until they were 12 months of age.  They then had to undergo the same assessment that all of our trainee Police dogs undergo to assess their potential as future Police dogs. They all demonstrated that they had the necessary qualities. They then underwent the final hurdle which was to have their hips and elbows x rayed and submitted to the kennel club to assess their suitability to breed. Having successfully passed the kennel club assessments our 3 girls are now the foundation for our breed programme. We intend to use the most successful operational Police dogs from our own force at stud. It is our intention to raise all of our future litters in a home environment .  Our 3 brood bitches are Ruby, Molly and Cleo.

German Shepherd dog standing on a green lawn with a top at her feet 

German Shepherd sat on green lawn waiting patiently

German Shedherd dog Molly stood on green grass.

Molly at 10 weeks curled up on green wellies.
Ruby at 10 weeks

Ruby a German Shepherd puppy at 10 weeks asleep, it looks like she slid off the bed
Ruby at 10 weeks

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