Wednesday 27 May 2015

Brodie and all the pups have a great day at Devon County Show

Well all the preparation was finally over and the Devon county show was upon us. Brodie was in great demand with everyone wanting to see him after his recovery from his second hip replacement and on Tuesday 19th of May I collected him from his Puppy walkers and he came to stay with me until the start of the show on Thursday 21st May.

Thursday 21 May 2015

Qwendi, Brodie and I all headed off to the Devon county show to join up with the other pups and the Police dog display team to prepare for our first performance at 1130 am. Pictured here are Cagney, Charlie, Brodie, Qwendi and Chaos. Over the 3 days Chaos was to live up to his name as you will see from some of the photo’s we took

We were later joined by Harry pictured here on the left with Graham Attwood getting ready to go into the exhibition ring. Graham a Police dog Instructor and his family have been puppy walking Harry who is 2 weeks older than the C litter pups and was purchased in addition to the C litter to maintain our numbers. Graham was kept busy as he was the organiser of the Police dog display and was also working his own Police dog Dutch in the display.
This is only the second year that we have been appearing at the Devon county show and because we enjoyed it so much last year despite the rain we were only too delighted to be asked to appear again.

It is great for the public to see what we do and to realise that far from being aggressive and intimidating our dogs our actually very well balanced and approachable.

It is excellent for our pups to experience all the large crowds, the wide range of animals, pet dogs, the funfair and other displays because it develops their character and gives us an opportunity to assess their potential as future Police dogs. Pictured here are Brodie and Chaos demonstrating why a good character is essential in a Police dog as they enjoy the company of all the children.

After a nervous wait it was time for our first display. We began with the pups giving a display of very basic obedience which included the down stay and some agility.

Then it was time for Qwendi our 11 month old future brood bitch and German import to show her incredible nose work ability searching for a 2 pence piece. What made her performance even more remarkable is the gun dogs and the hunt hounds had been on before her and they had thrown food all around the ring.
She then showed her excellent control staying in the down stay despite being threatened by a hooligan called Lee waiting patiently for her handler ( me ) to allow her to deal with him by giving her the release command to attack.
Next it was time for Brodie to show his remarkable recovery from his double hip replacement by charging around the ring.
Next PC Chris Carter and Police dog Maverick dealt with a very violent offender called Lee.
This was then followed by PS Alan Knight and Police dog Grommit dealing with a violent weapon attacker also called Lee. You can see that Grommit is not a dog to be messed with.
Next was an excellent presentation of a firearms team dealing with a criminal called Lee armed with a gun. PC Steve Cruwys and Police dog Logan demonstrated just why they are one of our elite firearm support dog teams.
Finally the most popular feature was of a yob again called Lee attacking the ice cream man (PC Graham Attwood in disguise) only to be taken by surprise by Police dog Dutch emerging from inside the ice cream cart.

I think everyone enjoyed the display then it was time for lunch. We had to wait for a few minutes because Cagney and Chaos decided they wanted to watch the next act the Dartmoor ponies.
Brodie then decided he wanted to tell all of the hunt hounds about his new hips

before finding some shade with his pal Cagney.
The Police dog display team then did a repeat performance in the afternoon but for the pups, Qwendi and Brodie that was it for the day because 2 displays in a day would have been too much for their young frames. A great day enjoyed by all with everyone looking forward to the next day.

Friday 22 May 2015

Here we all are back for more with Charlie, Cosmic, Chaos and Harry arriving
followed closely behind by the display team Logan, Dutch, Grommit and Maverick.
Then we all met at the Police tent wondering what the day might bring. If you look closely I seem to have the undivided attention of all of the handlers and dogs which is a first.

Then it was off to do  our display. Pictured here is Colin with Chaos  and Lindsay and Cosmic.

Then it was that man Lee again being bitten for the umpteenth time. I am afraid that is what happens to handlers who misbehave during the year. (The dog section version of community service )

While the big dogs were doing their display the younger dogs liked to watch and learn what the future holds.

Saturday 23 May 2015

Saturday was an exciting day for Brodie’s puppy walkers who we invited to spend the day at the show as a thank you for all of their patience and hard work in looking after Brodie.

We all met up again at the show ground with Police puppy Comet joining us for the day and he formed a double act with Chaos causing double chaos wherever they went.

I think the second highlight was the performance of our Microphone man and host PS Alan Knight who made the display with his humour and ability to pull it all together.
Here are some final pictures of the day.

I have included a video of the crowds favourite part of the display

One to watch: Ice cream anyone!

A fantastic 3 days roll on next year.
See you next time Paul

Monday 18 May 2015

Sunday 17 May 2015 the C litter, Harry and Qwendi have a final rehearsal for the Devon County show

Today we all met up to prepare for this years Devon County show. We will be supporting the Devon and Cornwall Police dog display team.

Our C litter who are now 7 months old and Harry who is a couple of weeks older than the C litter will be appearing along with Qwendi our newest brood bitch who is 11months old. Also appearing will be Bionic Brodie from our B litter who is recovering well from having both of his hips replaced. 

Here are a few photo’s from our training session today
Chaos going in the tunnel
Cagney and Jill
Cagney coming out
Cosmic and Linsay
Paul and Charlie
Comet and Mark
Cosmic emerges
Harry and Graham
Harry's in there somewhere!
Working on DOWN, STAY
Owners return
Qwendi waits for the bite command
Qwendi can wait no longer
Qwendi gets her man
A successful day
On Friday last week I popped down to Parr in Cornwall to see how Brodie is getting on. He was bouncing around like an 18 month old dog should be and it made my day. While we were training today with the pups at Westpoint Brodie was out with his family at the Lostwithiel fair. I have included some photo’s of Brodie’s day.
"Where is it?"
"These hips are pretty darn good :)"
"Look the furs nearly grown back"

Come along to see us on Thursday 21, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 of May at the County showground Westpoint in Exeter.

Hopefully the weather will be better this year.

I will be doing a blog to show how we all get on.

See you then Paul