Wednesday 10 June 2015

New arrivals Rika, Memphis and Flynn join the program

It has been a busy few weeks preparing and taking part in the Devon County show, ( See previous blog ) finishing off the Initial Police dog course and the arrival of our latest pups Rika, Memphis and Flynn. ( Pictured above )  The main job was finishing the training of Blade and Buddy and putting them through their 2 day General purpose Initial Police dog course licensing assessment.

If you remember on my previous blog Police pups Yogi and Boris were successfully licensed by Surrey Police dog assessor John Salmon but because Blade and Buddy had sustained minor injuries on the same course they needed further training for their licensing.

John returned on the 26 and 27 of May and assessed the teams on their ability to track and search for offenders and missing persons. They were assessed on their courage and ability to deal with violent offenders and disorderly crowds. They were also assessed on their obedience, agility, and reliability on walking through busy crowded areas.

They are pictured here having just finished their assessment in Exeter city centre being de-briefed by John as to how well they had done. I am happy to say they passed with flying colours and I think we can say Rachael looks very pleased. I look forward to seeing how they get on in the real world and I have no doubt they will follow in the footsteps of their course colleagues Yogi and Boris who have already had early operational results.

With the puppy program we have to plan well ahead and so between now and September this year I have to acquire 6 new pups for the September 2016 Initial Police dog course. On Thursday last week I traveled to Bridgend in Wales to assess a litter of pups bred by Tony Cronin. I liked the mother of the pups very much and the father is a trainee Police dog in Thames Valley who has a reputation as an outstanding tracking dog.

I chose 2 males and a female who have been named by their puppy walkers as Memphis, Flynn and Rica. They are all pictured here arriving at my house and being introduced to my 12 month old Bitch Qwendi who I collected from Germany last year for our breeding programme.
Here are the guys. Flynn, Memphis and Rika (shown above). I was very pleased with Qwendi’s reaction to the new pups and I have no doubt she is going to be an excellent mother when she has her own pups. I have included a short clip of Qwendi playing with the pups before it was time for everyone to go off to bed.

The next day Flynn and Memphis were off to their new puppy walkers in Plymouth.

The pups settled in straight away and on Monday I popped down to see how they were getting on.
Memphis and Phil
Memphis is pictured here with Phil a regular puppy walker.
Flynn with Andy, Harry and Lucy
Flynn is pictured with his new family Andy, Harry and Lucy who are first time puppy walkers.

Unfortunately Rica’s puppy walkers are on holiday in Spain and so Rica is staying with me until they return next Monday. However Rob and Ali ( regular walkers) did pop in and see her at our house on the way to Bristol airport before they left.

I am not sure that Rica will want to leave us as she is joined at the hip with her best friend Qwendi.
Above are a few photo’s of Rika and Qwendi together.

Finally I couldn’t resist starting her on her tracking training using raw tripe which she absolutely loved. I am going to miss her next week.

Finally on a sad note I made the decision to retire Callie and Copper (C litter ) from our puppy programme this month. The decision was made once it became clear that they were not going to make the necessary size, stature and tenacity needed for a Police dog. This is no reflection on the dogs because just as in our human world not everyone is cut out to be a Royal Marine.

As a breeder the most important thing is to breed dogs that are going to be a pleasure to own and to be part of the family and with Callie and Copper we have achieved that. They both have excellent temperaments and lovely characters which has made it easy for me to find them good homes and I am very proud of them both.

As you know from my previous blogs I believe a German shepherd with a good character can be placed anywhere and should be part of the family.

I have no doubt having visited Callie and Copper that they are going to very active homes where they will be loved and cared for. They will be in our Policing family in Devon and Cornwall Police and I will be able to keep an eye on how they are doing.
Callie is pictured here with her new Owner Jo
Copper is pictured here with her new owner Jane.
Well that’s all from me until next time see you soon.