Wednesday 12 November 2014

Rubies pups 3 weeks old today (11/11/14)

What a difference a week makes. the pups can now see, hear and walk albeit some look as though they have had a night on the town.

Today I added a run to the whelping box to allow the pups more room to move around and to give Ruby more room. you will see the new set up on the video.

Up until now I have only had a single board at the front of the whelping box to allow Ruby to get in and out. But now the pups can get over the board I have to put the main board up which makes it difficult for Ruby getting in and out. To help her I have placed a small cabinet for her to climb onto and this also doubles up as a feeding station.

Ruby on top of the cabinet.
"One, two, three... think I preferred it when they did nothing but feed and sleep"
As I thought the first pup over the top of the board was Cammy collar the biggest pup.
"Freedom, so close... just need to get my back legs up"
Yesterday we allowed the pups out in the sun for a short while on a blanket which they seemed to enjoy.

"Stress, yep we are sooo stressed"

Obviously at this age we do not cause them too much stress but a little stress is good for them, or so the scientists tell us.

Today I weighed them all and they are midway between what the A litter and B litter were at this age.
"I knew I shouldn't have eaten that burger"
Today I also gave them all a small amount of raw mince to get them ready to eat without mums milk which is not so plentiful any more. Mum is feeding them less and less now and so I need to wean them off mums milk gradually.
"Not bad, now if I could have some milk for afters that would be grand"
All the pups literally bit my fingers of to eat the mince which is a very good sign.

By next week the little play fights will have started and I think I will be doing all of the feeding.

I have attached a short video to show how much they have come on since last week.

All looking good.

See you next week.

(PS we are so looking forward to seeing the Christmas Cards and to naming our puppies :) )

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