Tuesday 18 November 2014

Episode 4 of Ruby and her pups, now 4 weeks old today (18/11/14)

Well the good news is mum and pups are all thriving and the pups are very active indeed between their long periods of sleep. We have started having visitors to the house and our first visitors Karen and Julie came on Saturday and gave me a hand with their feed.

On Sunday we had our first get together with Elvis, Duke, Gizzy and Qwendi who are now 16 weeks old. I have neglected them somewhat with Ruby’s litter and taking the current initial course and so it was nice to see them all. We went up into Exeter city centre where they were all amazingly confident. After that we all went on to my place to show them Ruby and her pups.

We then went on from my house to Saundercroft farm to see how they fared with all the animals. I will be doing a blog this week showing how they all got on.

Today Monday was a lovely day because Ruby’s carers Mark and Liv came down from North Devon to see how Ruby and her pups were getting on. They are pictured here
all having a great time together. Ruby was fantastic and was really excited to see them.

I have included some other photo’s I have taken during the week.
'Not bad, maybe a little more seasoning!'
'You can laugh, he moved the plate honest. Tissue please'
'I'm on guard duty while the little ones are asleep!'
'Very tiring guard duty, I'll just close my eyes for...zzz'
'My eyes won't open! Oh well, must be still sleeping time...'

Also included is your weekly look at the pups on the video.

See you next week Paul

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