Friday 28 November 2014

Episode 5 nearly 5 weeks old

On Saturday the 22nd of November we took the opportunity to get the pups out into the garden as the sun was shining and not a rain cloud in sight.
Because of the wet grass they were transported to their destination.
"Uhmm, not sure about the green stuff?"
 They were a little apprehensive as you would expect but at the sight of food all laid out on a large carpet they forgot their fears and all tucked in for afternoon tea.
"yummy food al fresco"
Here are a selection of photos of their adventure.
"It wasn't me! ain't I cute"
"Or me!"
I have included 2 short videos. Video 1  showing them enjoying afternoon tea and Video 2 showing them enjoying the garden.

Let the fun begin...

After their adventure in the wet grass it was back to their den where some lovely new wood wool was on hand to help dry them all off.
"oww, can we eat it?"
See you next week when they will be 6 weeks old.


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