Tuesday 4 November 2014

Rubies 7 pups are 2 weeks old today (3 Nov) and all are doing really well

Rubies pups consisting of 3 boys and 4 girls are now 2 weeks old and are in great shape. Mum is also doing well and is doing a great job looking after them. Their eyes are just starting to open and they are registering sounds.

They have the odd burst of energy when they are hungry but sleep 90 % of the time.

Ruby still spends a lot of time in with the pups cleaning and feeding them.
But she also likes to have a short break on her little sofa where she can relax and watch over her pups.

A Busy mum needs to have a little uninterrupted nap every now and then.

Its very important that Ruby can get away from the pups but still be able to watch over them. In the next week the pups will develop little needle teeth and their teeth and nails rake her when they are feeding so she needs to have time away. This is also near the time when I have to cut their nails to make it more comfortable for mum.

Every morning at 6am Ruby and I now go for a walk in an area near to where I live. We are lucky because it is private land where no other dogs are allowed and so the risk of her bringing back an infection to her pups is much reduced. Then its grooming and breakfast before she starts her daily ritual of feeding and cleaning the pups.
Ruby is now eating up to 3 times the amount she normally does to produce the milk she needs to feed her pups.

I have included a video taken today of the pups relaxing after mum has just fed them.

There is not a lot of activity going on but I thought you might like to see them anyway. Next week will be a different story when they become more aware and can get around more.


Here is another video showing the puppies awake, and the fun is very, very soon to be upon us! Bye for now


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