Wednesday 29 June 2016

Sasha’s pups are 5 weeks old today and they are a lively gang

All of the pups have now been fully weaned and are eating solid food 4 times a day.

Over the years I have tried a raw food diet and I have tried every well known recommended dry food on the Market. I am currently using a food called Simpson’s which I find is an excellent food.

I soak it then put it in the blender then I cover it with raw minced beef. In the evening they have Weetabix and goats milk which they are absolutely crazy about.

I have extended their exercise area and Sasha still has full access at all times so she could feed if she wanted to and she is always on hand to keep an eye on them and maintain order if necessary.
Lenny is also allowed access but not all the time because I think it is important for young pups to grow up with an adult male.

Our conservatory was carpeted for our A,B & C litter but I recently tiled it which has made life much easier when I am cleaning out the living area as the pups can run around while I do that.

This week we allowed them to venture out of the patio doors to allow them access to the garden. Here they are weighing up the situation. Considering they were only 4 weeks and 4 days here they did really well.

I am continually evaluating them and on this occasion the two boys blue cam and black cam collars were first out followed by girls blue collar, pink collar, and Dot who has a pink tartan collar.

This week we introduced them to the grass in a pen so that they were nice and safe and free to explore and so that mum could be involved without being chased and mobbed by the gang.
They were very quick to get used to the new surface and with the exception of a couple of pups who whined, not because they were stressed but because they could smell me videoing and as I am now the food and game man and they wanted to get to me. ( Show Video 1 )

I am slowly getting Lenny introduced to the pups outside using the pen.

Today I will be fencing a large grass area off so that they can run around and explore outside of the pen without getting in danger. 
The same day that I introduced them to the pen I also gave them their first meal outside. They continue to have their own individual bowl to ensure everyone gets their fair share..

Once I have made sure that everyone has had their fair share they then all migrate to all the other bowls and have a great game which goes on for about 5 minutes while they see if there is anything on offer.

Then it was time for a little exploring.
It was a very windy day and I would have expected puppies to be a little cautious of all the noise  but their love of food definitely made sure a bit of wind wasn’t going to bother them

The fresh air obviously took its toll as they all then crashed out in the pen completely oblivious to anything..

What happened later in the day brought a lump to my throat when Sasha decided to interact with all of her pups outside the pen.

She was just so relaxed and at ease with her pups it was beautiful to watch. She allowed them to suckle even though she hasn’t got the milk to feed them properly now. I must be getting soft but I could just imagine we were in the wild watching a wolf or fox mum with her pups or cubs.

Finally at the end of the day they were so tired and content they totally crashed out in their pen at the end of the day.

But not so crashed out that they didn’t wake up for their Weetabix at 9pm.
Here a few pictures of the pups.


Finally I would like to finish with some sad news that we are having to retire Police dog Jasper who is nearly 4 because he is finding life as a Police dog a little stressful.

His handler Vikki is devastated and you can see from the pictures what a great life and bond they have together.

We are looking for an active home where preferably he has someone who will get out and about with him and enjoy that one on one partnership and companionship that he has had with Vikki.

See you next week when the pups will no doubt be exploring everywhere and we will take them on a few visits not forgetting they are still only 5 weeks old.

From Lenny, Sasha and me see you next week.

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