Wednesday 6 July 2016


The pups are 6 weeks old today and they are really starting to explore the garden. I have cordoned off an area in the garden where they can roam to their hearts content and cannot come to any harm.

you can see the pups coming out of their pen into the garden.

The second day was particularly windy but as you will see in Video 2 it didn’t seem to slow them up at all. In fact some of them moved so fast I think the wind was blowing them along.

In the early days they tended to stay on the grassed area near to their Den.

We are getting loads of visitors and the more the merrier to give the pups that all important socialisation. They are certainly getting used to being photographed.

Sasha is completely accepting of visitors in with her pups.

When she is there I do ask that people do not pick the pups up as she does get anxious if they do that.

The pups became a little unruly for one of our guests.

The boys asked if they could play with Sasha and I have such trust in her temperament I left them to it although watching from a distance as any responsible owner should always do.

With the fine weather they practically live outside like wild dogs. They find all the sheltered areas out of the sun and sleep after their play sessions. When the sun is out it is much more comfortable for them in shady areas outside than it is in the conservatory.

We had a particularly hot day over the weekend and the pups all crashed out on the tiled floor in the conservatory next to the open patio doors. I didn’t have the heart to move them.

In addition to socialisation I also introduce them to all sorts of unusual and loud noises. I do it just as they are about to have their meals when they are so crazy for their food nothing is going to get in the way of their grub. They are oblivious to the hoover which is quite loud alongside them.

Their favourite meal of the day is their Weetabix and goats milk, they go absolutely wild for it.

One of the things that has really pleased me has been Lenny’s complete acceptance of the pups. Here he is with his daughter Silver collar.

He loves interacting with the pups and assists Sasha with keeping them together and in order.

Very often the pups will try and take toys from both Lenny and Sasha and both of them communicate to the pups that they cannot have them without getting nasty or possessive. Both of them have such wonderful natures.

I have included a short video of the pups with both Lenny and Sasha just to show how relaxed they all are

What I have also found very moving is the close relationship that Lenny clearly has with Sasha. They are always looking out for each other and love being with each other.

I have always believed there is so much more to dogs than people realise and so much we do not know. All the while they are looking and studying us trying to work us out.

Too often a handler will blame the dog for a lack of performance never once considering their own performance or failure to communicate properly with their dog.

If a dog fully trusts you and loves every minute of being with you it is amazing what you can achieve together. This has definitely been the case since I have had Sasha.

I introduced wood wool into the den this week because it is without doubt the best thing you can use in keeping the den clean. The dogs toilet on it and it all sinks to the bottom leaving the rest of the den clean and the pups smelling better for it.

It has worked well for the A,B & C litters but this litter just love to lie in it

I have been keeping an eye on pink collar pictured here

because she has answered her mother back several times. Mum didn’t allow it to go unanswered following her and repeatedly correcting her harder each time until she submitted and accepted her authority.

The pups now are using the back of the shed as their Den

and watching them play and keep emerging and going back again is how I imagine pups would be in the wild.

Here is one just peering out to see if anyone is about.

Here are 2 more Pics that I like.

They have to remember though that Mum is never far away no matter where they hide.

I have included a final video of the area where they now play and their Den at the back of the shed. I apologise for the poor light at the rear of the shed but I think you will get the picture.

Here are a couple of my favourite pictures of Sasha interacting with her pups.

Finally to finish off here are a few random Pics.

Puppy naming competition.

Please don't forget to ask your young friends to enter the puppy name competition. I don't want to be calling the puppies by their collar names for the rest of their lives!! Please visit

That's it from Lenny, Sasha and Me see you next week which will be week 7.

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  1. This has to be the best blog yet, it's fabulous to see the D-litter taking their first wobbly steps into the big wide world! Their ears are up, their tails are wagging & they look ready for anything - wonderful!


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