Thursday 11 December 2014

Set back to breeding programme and a new home needed for Beckie

All of our B litter had been progressing really well until they all underwent their 12 month hip x rays and we received some devastating news. Six of the pups Buddy, Blade, Boris, Beau, Bebe and Bruno all passed with good working hips but unfortunately Beckie and Brodie failed their hip x-rays and therefore cannot go on to become Police dogs.
Brodie centre and Beckie far right are pictured here on a recent training day together.
We are now looking for a suitable home for Beckie.
"You know you want me really, I can fetch a ball!"
Although Beckie has not been passed fit to work as a Police dog our vet has said she will be fine as pet dog. Beckie is a very busy energetic dog with a loving nature and we are hopeful of finding her a good home.

The outlook for Brodie is much worse.
"Hips! who needs them - look how long my tongue is!"

He has very poor hips and will need replacement hips at some stage. I will be liaising with orthopaedic specialists regarding having him fitted with new hips. It is a long and expensive procedure but I am really delighted that our force will fund the operations and Brodie will eventually lead a full and active life.
I am also grateful to Brodie’s puppy walkers who have asked to be allowed to care for him during his rehabilitation period of 2 operations which will require close care for over 6 months.
As far as the breeding programme goes it is upsetting for me that my main brood bitch Mollie who I have raised from a puppy can now no longer be used to breed again. From my research it does look as though the fault has come from Mollie and not the stud dog and so we cannot take the risk again.

Fortunately her carers Angie and Graham Collins have asked to be allowed to keep Mollie as their own dog and I am happy about that because I know she will have a great life with them.
Mollie with Angie and Graham.
This all comes on the back of losing our brood bitch Cleo last year to stomach torsion 4 weeks in whelp.

Fortunately Mollie’s daughter Bebe has very good hips and so we are hoping she can carry on her mother’s legacy because Mollie is one of the most outstanding dogs I have worked with. Bebe has been x-rayed and we await news from the Kennel club panel as to whether her hips and elbows are suitable for breeding purposes.

Anyone who would like to offer Beckie a new home should contact Canine development officer Paul Glennon on 07811424886.

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