Tuesday 9 December 2014

Rubies little terrors are now 7 weeks old and a real handful

Rubies pups are 7 weeks old tomorrow and to say they are a little bit lively is a bit of an understatement.

I have included 2 videos at the end of this article.

They will be having their puppy assessments on Wednesday 10th of December which will determine which puppies are passed to continue in the programme and are allocated to puppy walkers. The assessment is carried out in a room which the pups have never been in before and the assessor is also unknown to the pups.

The puppy is placed in the room on his/her own and the puppy is assessed on how confident he/she is, how playful, how determined and how interactive and biddable he/she is.

The assessments can never be 100% accurate at such a young age and having bred the pups myself I already have a very good idea about all the puppies strengths and weakness’s.

This week the puppies will be given their new names now that the naming competition is completed and I will be introducing the winners of the competition to the puppies.

Next week I will do a final blog article on how the puppies got on and will include a video of one of the puppies being assessed. I will also post photographs of them going to their new puppy walkers.

I have included a photograph of all 7 puppies taken today in the garden and are referred to by their collar colour and their new names. (question marks cause editor is unsure?) 
Blue and white collar. "Hi I'm Cagney?"
Black and silver collar. "Hi I'm Callie?"
No collar. "Hi I'm Comet?"
Cammy collar "Hi I'm Charlie (It is a girls name)?"

Red collar "I'm Copper? and my coat is so fluffy!!"
Silver collar "I'm Cosmic, no really!"
Blue dot collar "I'm Chaos?"

I have also included several other cute and interesting photo’s taken during the week.

"Ohhh my - mistake..."
"Look we are in the shape of a Christmas tree"
"My work is done, they are all yours now! PHEW"
"I thought they had gone, love them I do but ..."
Video 1 shows the pups outside in the garden with mum when they were 6 weeks old
Video 2 shows them on their own today Sunday 7th of December the day before they are 7 weeks old.

Bye for now see you all next week.


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