Monday 30 June 2014

Our B litter pups take advantage of the hot weather to make a splash

Knowing it was going to be a hot day for our B litter training day on Sunday 22nd of June we held our training in Bickleigh Plymouth in woodland giving us shade and the river alongside to allow the dogs to cool off.

All of us making our way up to the training area with our dogs having parked our vehicles in a shady area.

All of us getting ready for the training session. Note how well behaved and sensible the dogs are considering they have just arrived. From left to right are Blade, Boris, Buddy, Bebe, Bruno and Beckie.
Note Bebe with her raised tail denoting her confidence and dominance and note how Buddy treats this display with total indifference demonstrating his confidence.

The training covered article searching, an introduction to person searching, puppy tugging using a soft towel attached to a line to assess their determination to bite, gun test seeing their reaction to a 38 revolver being fired in close proximity and finally an introduction to obtaining a nice square heel sit position in preparation for future heelwork.
Bruno article searching in the woods for a used shotgun cartridge.

Blade getting ready to search for a person he has seen go off.

Boris watching a towel on a rope being jerked along in front of him.

Boris grabbing hold of the towel with real determination and a will to win so necessary in a Police dog.

Bebe demonstrating a nice attentive heel sit using a titbit.

All the 6 dogs having a 38 revolver fired in front of them and reacting confidently.

We then took all 6 pups down to the river for a cool down and finally a picnic to finish a very enjoyable day.

The dogs in the river with Colin seeming to enjoy it more than the dogs.

The video above shows all the dogs romping in the shallow river and wearing short lines. The lines are probably unnecessary with this group but it is sensible to have something to grab hold of if behaviour gets too boisterous.

Finally all together after our picnic before setting off on our individual journeys throughout Devon and Cornwall after a lovely day together. All the pups did very well on their exercises and enjoyed the water together.

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