Monday 30 June 2014

An update on the current initial police dog course, only two dogs left.

With Jack and Phil successfully graduating in May and Charlie and Simon successfully graduating 2 weeks ago we now have only Arry and Axel left on the course.

A litter brothers Axel and Arry sitting happily together with their handlers Mark and Carla. Their training is going very well and I am confident that both will pass their final assessments on the 21st of July.

If all goes well we will be holding a passing out parade on Tuesday 22nd July to show off all 4 of the dogs and to say thank you to all the puppy walkers who have made it all possible by the work and time they have devoted to the dogs.

Here are some pictures of the dogs in the last few weeks of training.

Carla and Arry on patrol in Exeter city centre.

Axel and Mark on the trail of an offender who has made off.

Axel indicating to Mark that he has trailed the offender into the building where he finds him hiding in a cupboard.
Axel negotiating the high ramps

Axel focusing his attention on Mark showing the willingness so necessary in a good Police dog.

Arry negotiating the hurdle with ease.

Arry performing a down stay for Carla again showing excellent focus.

Arry tracking an offender

Arry can track across difficult surfaces such as concrete and after an excellent track finds the offender hiding in a nearby building.

Arry tracking and locating an offender hiding behind a pile of tyres.

Having a great day down at the river

Although it is several weeks ago I thought you might like to see some pictures of the dogs training on a hot sunny day. The temperature was well into the mid twenties and under normal circumstances we would never train in hot temperatures because it is very difficult for the dogs to cool down even with air conditioning in the vans. On this particular day we did all the training alongside the river and were able to put the dogs back in the vans already nicely cooled down having had a lot of fun.

The video shows the handlers getting the dogs used to the water before doing some criminal work in and across the river.

The dogs getting used to the water.

The dogs getting ready to chase and detain me across the river as I run away.

Mark and Axel in hot pursuit.

A successful chase with me detained after trying to run away across the field.

Criminal work being performed in the water.

Making our way back to our vans after a very enjoyable day.
See you all next time.
Paul Glennon

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