Wednesday 8 January 2014

Video footage of the pups

Because we were unable to fix up a web cam showing the pups live I have put together 6 short film showing the pups and Molly during a typical day.

Here we are!

There is an introduction to the B litter in their living quarters and then some footage of them having their lunchtime meal. I then included some film of Molly relaxing on her own while the pups had an afternoon siesta. I have also included Molly outside with her pups for the first time together. I had to be careful because this was the first time Molly had seen the pups outside of their living quarters and I wasn’t too sure how Molly would react. There is always a danger she could collide with the pups whilst trying to round them up. As it happens she absolutely loved it and played with them.


I then included some footage of the pups playing together on their own and some footage of them crashing out at the end of the day.

"Need some me time if you know what I mean!"

Because of the Xmas period we have had very few visitors and even though I have been driving them to HQ each day there has been no one there to meet either. As a result I have cancelled their assessment which should have been on Tuesday to give them more socialisation meeting people at HQ now everyone is back off holiday.

Outside, its not raining!

I cannot emphasize enough how important early socialisation is to the puppies development. Because the A litter were born in the summer they spent all day every day outside and literally met over a hundred plus different people in the garden and so were bomb proof with people approaching and children running around screaming and shouting.

The puppies outside playing.


Today they met lots of people at HQ and coped very well. I intend to take them there each day and assess their potential with the puppy tests at the end of the week.

I will give you a full update on how the assessments went next week.

See you then

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