Monday 18 November 2013

The A litter and Grommit

We were due to do tracking and search training on Sunday 3rd Nov but due to the awful weather we switched to some environmental training in the old Western morning news building in Plymouth at the last minute.
Pictures below shows Arry, Ava and Annie and then Axel, Anya, Gromiit and Argo all in the upper tower. I was getting a little concerned that Axel was going to end up with soft floppy ears ( pictured far left)  but I needn’t have worried as Steve his puppy walker sent me this picture of him taken this week. ( picture Axels ears). 
Three puppies and their walkers
Arry, Ava and Annie
Four puppies and their handler
Axel, Anya, Grommit and Argo
Axel with straight up ears
Nothing wrong with my ears, thank you!
The A litter are now 5 months old.  Grommit is 4 months old. We purchased him at 7 weeks to keep diversity in our breeding programme and the early signs are very encouraging.
Grommit is pictured below in a relaxed pose overlooking the Plymouth Estuary.
Mine neither
Our current Initial Police dog course of Max, Jasper, Megan and Shadow have just completed week 10 of their 13 week course and are being assessed next Wednesday and Thursday. I will update you how they get on with their assessments and take some photo’s.
Finally Molly is due to whelp her litter this Wednesday November 20th but we had a scare on Saturday when she was showing signs that it was about to happen. I am sat at home as I write this on Monday Nov 18th looking for signs and I reckon it will be tonight.
She is pictured here this morning making herself at home on our suite and trying out the whelping box for size.
Mollie laying on the sofa
Mollie lying in the welping box looking alert, ears up

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