Tuesday 19 November 2013

As predicted Mollies litter arrives on Tuesday morning

Molly has been very restless throughout the day and I was convinced she would deliver her pups in the early hours of Tuesday. In anticipation I bedded down at 11pm on Monday night to await developments, even Molly looks embarrassed.

1am our first arrival which Mollie seemed more than surprised at the way he dropped out.

5am  8 pups successfully delivered I think 3 girls and 5 boys but I will need to re check. Mollie out for the count.

7am Took Mollie out for a toilet break and a leg stretch while Di changed her bedding. Seen here counting her pups when she came back in.

8am after some milk and wheatabix settles back down with her pups.

Everyone shattered I will keep you all posted and hope to get the webcam installed in the next few days.


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