Monday 29 July 2013

Thursday 25th of July has finally arrived allocation to their puppy walkers

A  day of mixed emotions. Elation and excitement for the 7 puppy walkers who had been waiting for this day to collect their pups. Pride and sadness for me having watched their little characters develop to finally leave me to go to their new loving homes.

On the positive side I will have the pleasure of seeing them every 2 weeks at my development classes. The handover day was a marvellous day for all concerned. A large number of people attended the handover at our house where the pups had grown up. There were representatives from the Media, TV and invited guests. The pups were not fazed by all the people and attention.

Seven puppies following PAul Glennon to meet the press and their new walkers
My little army coming out from the house to meet everyone.

Paul carrying Ash the puppy

Me carrying little Ash who went off in a different direction.

Note the calm relaxed gaze as she surveys the photographers and large crowd in front of her. I can picture her with her handler in years to come giving that same calm confident stare  prepared for whatever comes her way.

A puupy sat next to a police helmet in the garden
Little Ava posing with a lovely relaxed calm demeanour despite the mayhem going on around her.

A group photo of the new walkers with their puppies sat in the garden

And finally the group photograph. From left to right PC Terri Davies with proud father Police dog Marley,  the puppy walkers with their pups Ava, Annie, Arry, Anya,Argo, Axel and Ash. Fantastic mother Ruby with her carers Mark and Liv on the far right. Our Advisor Graham Mabbutt in the centre rear with my wife Diane who has been there to help me every step of the way.

Then that was it. Off they all went leaving my exhausted wife Diane and I to reflect on weeks of hard work and lots of happy memories. As my dog career goes this is without doubt one of my proudest moments probably only equalled when my retired Police dog SPUD finally won the National Police dog trials after 4 years being the runner up.

SPUD the German Shepherd dog and his trophies

Pictures of Spud with the National Police dog champion trophies in 2011. Receiving the coveted Best tracking dog trophy and Spud eying up his next meal Prince Michael of Kent.

SPUD with Paul who is shaking the hand of Prince Michaem of Kent. SPUD is licking his chops!

See you all in 2 weeks when I will report on the assessment and selection of our older dogs for our September 2013 initial Police dog course. The following week I will be reporting on our first training session for the new pups.


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