Tuesday 16 July 2013

Ruby and her pups 6 weeks old.

Puppies climbing up and down the steps
Up and down the steps with easy
This week has left in me in awe seeing the incredible progress the pups have made in one week. They are now very fast across the ground and seem fearless to everything they encounter. They have explored most of our very large garden of 1 acre and all go up and down the steps with ease.

In the kitchen keeping cool

It has been a very challenging week because of the intense heat and we have had to keep the pups in the kitchen on the tiled floor to keep them cool.

I have also realised how closely related the pups are to their wild ancestors in the way they instinctively seek shelter from the sun and have developed their own nest underneath the oil tank in our garden.
Ruby emerging from the den
Her pups sleeping and playing in the den in her absence.

German Shepherd pups in their dugout den
In the den
Image below shows Ruby may well have stopped feeding her pups 2 weeks ago but she still watches over them when they are sleeping and playing.

Ruby watching over her puppies sleeping

I am finding the  raising of my first litter an incredible and emotional experience and I am not looking forward to seeing the pups going on their way in 10 days time.

Finally I will sign off with some pictures of the pups ability to sleep anywhere at any time.

German shepherd puppy asleep curled round the first rung of a ladder.
White foot managing to get on the first rung of the ladder.
German Shepherd asleep head resting on the water bowl
Asleep in the water bowl
German Shepherd tucked away on a wicker shelf in a wooden shed
Blue boy getting left on the shelf
Hidden behind my wellies. Took me ages to find him

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My penultimate blog next week see you then.

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