Monday 8 October 2018

Ginny, Rebel and Rogue start their journey as trainee police dogs

Last week I collected Ginny, Rebel and Rogue from breeder Ian Morgan of Lorockmor working dogs in Shropshire to travel back to my house on the start of their journey to become future Police dogs.
There were 6 pups in the litter and after conducting my puppy tests I selected our 3 pups. It wasn’t easy to select 3 because all 6 were very confident, playful, and driven and my guess is they all have the potential to be working Police dogs.

This is a repeat mating. From the previous mating we took Merlin who is now on week 5 of the current general purpose initial police dog course with his handler Martin. They are both doing extremely well on the course.

They travelled well on the 3 hour journey and because they all look so much alike the first job on arriving at my house was to put collars on the pups.

Pink collar is Ginny.
Red collar is Rebel

Tartan collar is Rogue

In the past I always used to take the pups to Police Headquarters to meet the puppy walkers before travelling to their new homes. More recently because I’m lucky enough to own a house with a very large enclosed garden I now take them home so that they can run around to their hearts content and unwind after the journey.

On arriving at our house you can see from the video’s the pups wasted no time exploring the garden and you would never have guessed they had just been on such a long journey.

They all took a shine to a large squeaky toy and spent ages trying to get it off each other. There wasn’t any one pup that was particularly dominant and they all had varying degrees of success stealing it from each other.

Here are a few more pictures of the pups enjoying the garden before leaving for their new homes.

After 3 hours of charging around and their batteries definitely running down it was time for the puppy walkers to take them to their new homes.


Rogue will be living in Plymouth with Lyn, husband John and son Ian. They are our most experienced puppy walkers.
Lyn’s family puppy walked Rogue’s older brother Merlin currently on the initial Police course.


Ginny will be staying temporarily with Mary who lives near Launceston until we find a permanent puppy walker for her. Mary doesn’t want to puppy walk a puppy for the full term because she finds it too upsetting giving them up. She helps us out on a regular basis when puppy walkers go on holidays or weekend breaks.


Rebel will be living in Exeter with seasoned puppy walkers Terry and Jill. They have puppy walked 12 pups their last pup being Henry the Dutch herder. Sadly Henry didn’t qualify as a Police dog but is now in training with the prison service.

All the pups travelled well to their new homes and have settled in well.


I visited all of the pups and their puppy walkers the following week. They are all playing, sleeping and eating well. They have had their first inoculation and health check with their local vet.

My first visit was Rogue.

He is going to be a very strong assertive character and has already challenged Lyn. He definitely needs an experienced and firm puppy walker which he has in Lyn. His favourite toy is a mechanical car and as you will see on the video he doesn’t like anyone taking it off him.

Hopefully we are not encouraging him to chase real cars. He might look a cute little chap but my instinct tells me Rogue is going to be spending a lot of time on the naughty chair.

One thing is for sure he isn’t going to back down from confrontation. Lyn’s husband John had been diving and left his dry suit on the chair. Rogue had never seen this before and came across it unexpectedly.

My next visit took me to Ginny.

Ginny is very much an explorer and gets herself into all sorts of situations. On her first night she got her head stuck behind the door of her cage. Climbing and forcing her way into places she shouldn’t be able to get into is her speciality which keeps Mary on her toes.

I am visiting and interviewing prospective new puppy walkers this week and hopefully will identify a new permanent puppy walker for Ginny. I am not in any rush because she is in excellent hands with Mary.

My final visit was to see Rebel.

Just like his siblings Rebel is a very happy, playful puppy who has fully settled in his new home.

He already has an incredible focus and desire to interact with people and he is already becoming very attached to Jill.

Here he is doing some early recall work with Jill.

Here is playing tug games with Jill.

Having seen how well their older brother Merlin is doing on the current Initial Police dog course I am really looking forward to watching these 3 pups develop.

Rogue, Rebel and Ginni will be on the January 2020 Initial Police dog course.

New pups Oscar and Obi

Next week I will be going up to Kazzardsway German shepherds in Manchester to collect 2 more pups who are currently 7 weeks old called Oscar and Obi.

Here is a video of Oscar and Obi with their other litter mates taken by breeder Bernard last week.

Oscar and Obi will be joining Ginny, Rogue and Rebel on the January 2020 Initial Police dog course.

Oscar and Obi are a repeat mating. Last year I collected Eric and Elsa from Kazzardsway which was the first mating.  Eric ( Now Oppo ) passed his Police dog course in April this year and his sister Elsa
( Now Nessa) is doing really well on the current Initial Police dog course who start week 5 of the 13 week course this week.

Also currently in our puppy program from Kazzardsway we have Nicki, Nero and Nico now nearly 4 months old. Here they are at puppy class today doing a group down stay. I am very impressed with these 3 pups and also with their puppy walkers in achieving this so early in their training.

In my next blog I will be reporting on the current Initial Police dog course. I will also be reporting on all of our other pups Sydney, Star, Bill, Ben, Lola, Echo, Errol, Eddie, Eyke,and Ernie.

From Ella, Larry and Me bye for now.

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