Tuesday 6 October 2015

A new home required for Brodie

"Please..., be your best friend!"
Brodie was born on the 19th of November 2013 along with his 4 brothers and 3 sisters which was our B litter.

Here they all are aged 8 weeks about to go to their new homes. Brodie is pictured with puppy walker Mike 4th from the right trying to get to Boris.

Here he is with puppy walker Mike posing for an individual photo before leaving for his new home in Cornwall.

After a couple of our fortnightly training sessions it became clear that Brodie was not as playful as the other pups. As time went on it became clear that Brodie’s movement in his rear legs was not normal and an x ray revealed that he had severe hip displacia which is a malformation of both of his hip joints.

After consulting with specialist Peter Attenborough at the St David’s veterinary centre it was decided that Brodie needed both of his hips replacing.
Brodie is pictured here with the veterinary team and Mike before having his first hip replaced when he was 12 months old.
2 Months later he had his second operation to replace his second hip and he is pictured here out for the day with his puppy walking family after his operation.

By the time of the Devon County show in May 2015 he was fully recovered and the guest of honour at the show.
PS Colin Harper has been looking after Brodie for us for the last month to evaluate what was the best future for Brodie now that he is fully recovered.

Our specialist Peter Attenborough had informed me that in his view Brodie’s hips were completely normal and that he had a future as a working dog.

Colin and his wife Leah have been looking after him and have grown attached to him like we all have.

Here a couple of photo’s that Colin has taken since he has had Brodie.

Although Colin has seen that Brodie has work potential we have discussed his future and we have decided it is unfair to risk his well being after all the work that has gone into getting him back to full health by the specialist and his puppy walkers.

We have decided to retire him from the puppy scheme and find him a good home for the rest of his life. Unfortunately his puppy walking family are unable to commit to looking after him for that length of time.

We have advertised that we are looking for a new home within the force and there has been a lot of interest. However we have a definite type of home in mind for him. He has a lovely disposition and temperament and will be fine with children and other animals. But he is a big powerful dog with very high energy levels which will need an outlet.

He is probably best suited to someone who can give him lots of their time and who has experience of living with and controlling a big powerful dog. An ex dog handler or gamekeeper or someone with experience of handling a large energetic dog like Brodie would be a significant advantage.

Anyone interested in giving Brodie a home should contact me Paul Glennon the Canine development officer on 07494407037. After I have selected any potential suitable applicants Colin has expressed his interest to visit any potential new owner to assess their suitability and to discuss Brodie’s future needs and requirements.

I would like to finish by expressing my gratitude to his Puppy walkers Jackie, Mike, Melissa and Hayley for all the work they have put in to raise and help Brodie with his rehabilitation. Also to Peter Attenborough and his team and finally to Colin and Leah for taking Brodie into their home to evaluate and assess him on my behalf.

Thank you. Paul


  1. Any update on Brodie?
    (I shared to a forum and the question was asked this morning) Advised they call Paul Glennon on
    07494407037. Ray

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for your interest.
    I have sent an email to Paul asking for an update for the blog so hopefully will be able to let everyone know soon.

  3. Hello,
    A new home has been found for Brodie but we are waiting to see how things settle before a firm confirmation is released with new images of Brodie and his new family. Brodie thanks you for all the support and fingers crossed a new post will be with you soon. :)

  4. Thanks & Good Luck, Brodie. Ray


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