Monday 8 September 2014

Meet the new guys

Meet our latest additions to our puppy programme  Duke, Elvis and Gizzy

Hi I'm Duke
Hi, I'm Elvis and I ain't nothin but a hound dog!
Hi, I'm Gizzy
I collected them from John Smith’s one of our main breeders in Leicestershire on Wednesday 3 of September.

These puppies stayed with me at my house until  Friday 5 September before going to their new puppy walkers.

Duke has gone to Plymouth, Elvis to North Devon and Gizzy to Redruth.

We have purchased these pups for our September 2015 Police dog course. It is our intention to breed our C litter for the January 2016 Police dog course.

Here are a few more picture and Video’s of the pups who settled in to my house as though they had been there for weeks which is remarkable considering they only arrived after their long Journey the night before at 9 pm.




Helping in the garden

Chillin out together

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

You will see plenty more of these lovely cute chaps over the months ahead on our fortnightly training and development sessions.

Tomorrow I start instructing the new September 2014 Initial Police dog Initial course and I am looking forward to training the remaining dogs from the A litter. I will be doing a blog this week introducing the new handlers and their dogs on the course.

See you then Paul  

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