Monday 7 April 2014

Bebe uses up the second of her nine lives

Puppy walker Chris rang me on Wednesday to say that puppy Bebe from the B litter had just  collapsed after being sick whilst out on a walk and that he had rushed her to the nearest vets. My heart filled with dread for Bebe but even more so for Chris and his family after all the pain they went through when Brood bitch Cleo who they were looking after collapsed and died of a stomach torsion last year.
Me with Mum, don't I look cute!
Bebe who is pictured here with her mother Mollie is no stranger to getting into difficulties as I well remember her climbing into the disinfectant bucket at 3 and a half weeks of age while I was cleaning out the whelping box.
That was not a good idea on reflection!
She is pictured here shortly after I pulled her out and dried her off looking very sorry for herself.

Fortunately the vets were able to get to work on her and although arriving in quite a poorly condition her fighting spirit and strong constitution no doubt assisted in her quick recovery and she is now fully on the mend.

It transpires that Chris had been replanting some daffodils in his garden the day before and she had eaten one of the bulbs. Chris was unaware of how lethal a dog eating daffodils can be. The flowers and leaves are also toxic and it takes only 15 grams to kill a dog. There is no antidote and the only treatment is to make the dog sick and to get the dog straight to the vet. The dog will most likely need to go on a drip while recovery takes place.

Our thanks go to the Vets and staff at City vets in Exwick for their excellent care and help in treating Bebe.
I'm ok, no really - no more bulbs for me!
Bebe is pictured here with Chris and the family.

See you all next week when I will be doing a blog on the B litter’s visit to the farm.

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