Wednesday 12 February 2014

Megan happy in her new home

For those of you who were not aware Police dog Megan one of our newest Police dog recruits had a tragic accident over the xmas period which resulted in her losing her left eye. Three weeks before the accident she had successfully completed her 3 month long Initial Police dog course and had started operational duty with her handler PC Simon Willan in North Devon.

Simon had taken Megan with his family up to Manchester for the Xmas period and whilst exercising her in a local play park she ran headlong into a metal fence badly injuring her eye which sadly had to be removed by the vet after trying hard to save it.

They are pictured here together second left with their fellow course recruits before their passing out parade on Thursday 5th December 2013.

Also pictured are Simon and Megan with Megan’s puppy walker PS Alan Knight on the same day.

As you can imagine Simon and his family were devastated as were all of us who had been involved with Megan whilst she was growing up and during her training. But Megan is a fighter and a real tough nut which she showed throughout her training and what she lacked in size she more than made up for in her tenacity and spirit. I have no doubt she will recover well from this awful setback.
Clearly it wasn’t fair to ask her to continue in her role as a Police dog even though I know that Megan would have wanted to carry on regardless if given the choice. Also we didn’t think it was fair to Simon because knowing him as I do he would have been continually worried about going into situations where she could damage her remaining eye. We therefore made the decision to retire Megan from Police work and find her the best possible home.
Megan playing in Hazel's mange

Thankfully we have done that and Megan is now living With Hazel Jago in a lovely house in the village of Yarnscombe in North Devon. I know Hazel from my North Devon days. Many years ago  I re-homed a bitch called Zena with Hazel on behalf of a colleague who couldn’t look after her any more. Zena gave Hazel and her family many years of pleasure until she passed away in June 2012 age 10 and a half.

Hazel hasn't had another dog since Zena and when her friend Kerry told her about Megan and that the Police were looking for a good home for Megan she jumped at the chance. Luckily Kerry’s partner is Sgt Tony Whitting the North Devon dog Sgt who has been looking after Simon and Megan since the accident.

Above are of photo’s of  Megan playing with her rather large space hopper in Hazel’s manage where Hazel exercises her 3 ponies. Megan is a very active dog and will benefit from Hazel’s 5 acres of land and the many beautiful walks to be done in North Devon.

Pictured here is Hazel’s old dog Zena with her daughter Natasha in their lovely garden.

I have also included a photo of the plot where Zeta is buried next to the stables. I include it to demonstrate the care, kindness and type of owner Hazel is.

Megan in Hazel's garden
I went up to see Hazel and Megan on Sunday 9 February to find out how they were getting on. I was a little apprehensive because having had her at my home for the first 6 weeks of her life and having trained her during her puppy hood and on her 3 month initial course I thought it would be extremely emotional for me and that I would feel so sorry for her.

I needn’t have worried as it was lovely to see her so relaxed and happy with Hazel in her new home. After greeting me for an eternity she settled down and was just like her old happy playful self. Hazel said that she bumped into a few things when she first arrived but now seems to have adapted and is fully adjusted to judging distances.

I would just like to finish by thanking Hazel and wishing them many happy years together. I would also like to wish Simon and his family my best wishes and wish Simon good luck on the Initial Police dog course with his new dog Charlie.


Regards Paul Glennon

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