Wednesday 21 August 2013

A busy 4 weeks since our A litter left us for their new homes

Since the puppies left for their new homes we have hosted an assessment centre to select new dog handlers for our forthcoming Initial Police dog course starting on the 9th of September. As anyone who has taken part will tell you this is a very physically and mentally demanding week.  Police officers wanting to become dog handlers are assessed on their individual skills, team skills and their affinity and ability to care for one of the older dogs from our puppy scheme who they look after for the week.

I also had to assess 9 of the older pups in our puppy scheme to see if they have the necessary qualities and skills to start on an Initial Police dog course. Five dogs are required for our Initial course starting on the 9th of September and the remainder will be going to outside forces.

I will be outlining how the assessments went in my next blog.

In amongst this I have been training the January pups and visiting the A litter puppy walkers to make sure they were all coping alright.

The main issue for most of them was their pups not sleeping through the night but I am happy to say they are all now fully settled in and thriving.

Here are a few pictures of the pups at their new homes.

AXEL chilling in his garden in Launceston where he lives with Steve, Maria and their girls Faye, Laura, and Grace.

German shepherd puppy sat on heather in the rocky

Ash in Redruth sitting patiently waiting for her puppy walker Annie to open the food container.

German shepherd puppy sat on plastic blue stool with ears up looking

Ava who lives in Exeter with puppy walkers Ed and Lowri. Seen here with Lowri.

German shepherd puppy being held by a girl in a pink top

Out for the count on Lowri's slippers

German shepherd puppy asleep in the hall next to some shoes

and later hiding in the bushes.

German shepherd puppy standing in some low lying green bedding plants

Anya who lives in Hennock with Graham, Lucy and the girls pictured taking a nap in the kitchen.

German shepherd puppy running out of the sea

Anya on holiday this week in Donegal playing in the sea.

Annie settled in her new home in Paignton with all the family Ollie, Leanne and 10 month old daughter Millie.

Mum dad baby in a family group sitting on floor with their German shepherd puppy.

Argo who lives in Plymouth with Lyn and John Parlour pictured in the yard and hopefully one day he will grow into those ears.

German shephed dog standing in yard with large ears pointing straight up.

Argo alongside his buddy Jack. Jack has also been puppy walked by Lyn and John and is just waiting for further assessment prior to allocation to a Police dog  handler.

German shepherd puppy with an older dog in the back yard

Last but not least Arry who also lives in Plymouth with puppy walkers Paul and Tracey Bean and their children Ella and Josh

Arry is pictured saying I am not looking at the rabbit honest.

German shepherd puppy looking at camera with ears up and pointing inwards sat very close to a rabbit run.

Arry with Ella and Josh.

Girl and boy kneeling in garden with german shepherd sat in front. The boy has his arms around the dog.

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